Was It A Vision or A Dream??

I’m excited to reblog this entry on the difference between dreams and visions. Several people have asked me lately, and after a little tweaking on my original post, I am ready to share my thoughts. I hope you enjoy it.

"But there is a God in Heaven who reveals secrets . . ."

My mom tells the story of when a tornado hit while we were living in a trailer park in Georgia. At the time, my parents were young, still a little care-free, and definitely not in church, and still the Lord intervened on our behalf that night in the most mysterious and unusual way. That night when she went to bed, my mom was not thinking about the weather, and yet when the trailer shook with the gusts of wind she immediately jumped up. Anyone who has ever lived in a single wide trailer can tell you that they move a lot when wind gusts around them. That particular night she got out of bed to see what was going on. As she walked toward the living room, something outside her bedroom window caught her attention. The nearby trees were bending under the force of the wind, and even the rainโ€ฆ

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